Digital Athenaeus
G. Kaibel: Athenaei Naucratitae Dipnosophistarum libri 15

Book 10


δʼ Ἀνακρέων ἔτι ζωρότερον ἐν οἷς φησι· καθαρῇ δʼ ἐν κελέβῃ πέντε τε καὶ τρεῖς ἀναχείσθω. Φιλέταιρος δʼ ἐν Τηρεῖ δύο ὕδατος πρὸς τρεῖς ἀκράτου. λέγει δὲ οὕτως πεπωκέναι δοκεῖ τὸν κατὰ δύο καὶ τρεῖς ἀκράτου. Φερεκράτης δʼ ἐν Κοριαννοῖ δύο ὕδατος πρὸς τέσσαρας οἴνου, λέγων ὧδε· ἄποτος, Γλύκη. Β. ὑδαρῆ ʼνέχεέν σοι; Α. παντάπασι μὲν οὖν ὕδωρ. Β. τί εἰργάσω; πῶς, κατάρατε, ἐνέχεας; ΓΛ. δύʼ ὕδατος, μάμμη. Β. τί δʼ οἴνου; ΓΛ. τέτταρας. Β. ἔρρʼ ἐς κόρακας· βατράχοισιν οἰνοχοεῖν σε δεῖ. Ἔφιππος δʼ ἐν Κίρκῃ τρεῖς πρὸς τέτταρας· οἶνον πίοις ἂν ἀσφαλέστερον πολὺ ὑδαρῆ. Β. μὰ τὴν γῆν, ἀλλὰ τρία καὶ τέτταρα. Α. οὕτως ἄκρατον, εἰπέ μοι, πίῃ; Β. τί φής;

CTS URN Retriever

The CTS URN retriever is a tool for retrieving and citing paragraphs, passages, and words in the text of the Deipnosophists by typing the corresponding CTS URN. The Digital Athenaeus is providing the text of the Teubner edition of the Deipnosophists by Georg Kaibel (1887-1890), which is cataloged as perseus-grc2 in the Perseus Catalog.

The syntax of the URNs follows the specification of the CITE Architecture.

For example:

The tool allows also users to type only book and paragraph of the Deipnosophists and get the corresponding CTS URN.

For example:

Correspondences between Casaubon and Kaibel references are available through the Casaubon-Kaibel Reference Converter.

The icons on the left of each paragraph are links to external resources:

Using CTS URNs, it is possible to export citations of the Deipnosophists down to the word level. By selecting a portion of text holding down the ALT-key, users get a pop-up window with the CTS URN that identifies the selected chunk of text.

For example:


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